Solve your LMS Login Issues before 18 Jan 2020

Solve your LMS Login Issues before 18 Jan 2020

by Administrator (Faculty LMS) -
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Since the Faculty Learning Management System will be used for conducting mid semester examinations during the oncoming week, if any student is unable to login to this site please make sure that you could login before 18th January 2020. If you are not able to remember your password use 

options available below the login data area(s).

When resetting password, once you enter your username (that is your CPM number) a link will be emailed to you to reset the password. The default email address with LMS is the email that is associated with Microsoft Office 365. 

E.g. If your MC number is 71214 then the email address given to you by Office 365 will be in the form The password to login to fore mentioned email account is the password that you use in computers at ITRC labs. 

But if you have changed the email address in LMS to any of your private email addresses, make sure to check the relevant email address for the password reset link because the LMS will email it to the address that is currently associated with your account.

Faculty LMS Administrator 

For further clarification contact me via before 18th Jan 2020