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FMSC Research Week - 2024

by LMS Administrator -


For All FMSC Students

Dear Students,
As you may already be aware, the research week of the FMSC in connection with the 20th International Conference on Business Management (ICBM) will be held from 26th February to 1st March 2024. As the most significant research event in the academic calendar of FMSC, we seek the support and participation of all students for the ICBM and associated activities.

During the conference week, the academic activities as follows:

  • For 1st year students: There will be no lectures held during this period. However, you are strongly advised to productively utilize this period for your academic advancement.

  • For 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students: Please proceed as advised by your respective department and lecturers. As you are aware, the Undergraduate Research Conferences of Departments will be held on the 28th February 2024. Your contribution and participation in this event are highly anticipated, as guided by your departments.
All students are encouraged to engage in academically productive activates throughout the week.

Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

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Notice for Repeating Students of BEC2340 / BEC2370: Macroeconomics

by LMS Administrator -
Notice for Repeating Students of BEC2340 / BEC2370: Macroeconomics

Dear students,

Please note that aligned with the course description of the BEC2370: Macroeconomics course, we have updated the content of this course.

Therefore, if you are repeating this course (under either the course code BEC2340 or BEC2370), we highly encourage you to refer to the course materials used in Semester I, 2024. If you intend to attend the lecture sessions or have any questions, please contact Mr. Dilan Rajapakshe (Course Coordinator) via email at

Thank you.

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