Q1: I forgot my LMS password. How can I log-in?

Answer: LMS has an automatic password recovery process. Select the “forgot password” option on the sign-in screen. A window will appear on which you must enter your LMS User ID or email address. Then click the search button and then again the continue button. LMS will then automatically email you a link to change the password. 

For Students: Your Username is your CPM number

The email address where it will email the password reset link is the email associated with the LMS account. For students, at the time of the LMS account creation, the email that is used to setup is the Office 365 email assigned to the student by the Faculty. If you have configured it to a personal email then check the personal email for the password reset link.

Note: Check the SPAM folder of your email account if the reset link is not received usually in to your inbox.

Q2: I forgot my password and clicked on the “forgot password” link on the sign-in screen but a link to reset the password was never emailed to me. 

Answer: Contact your LMS Administrator to make sure your email address is listed in your LMS profile.

Last modified: Tuesday, 7 June 2022, 9:38 AM