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Notice on Final Examinations

by Administrator (Faculty LMS) -


Final Year Students

Please be informed that the FMSC has decided to postpone its examinations in considering the ongoing situation of the country. While the faculty did evaluate the possibility of conducting the said examinations for the final year students online and via other alternative means, we have decided to have them physically taking into account the concerns raised by both the academic members and students. Therefore, please be prepared to sit for the examinations they will be held at short notice at the earliest possibility. However, the deadline for the submission of Research Reports and completion of internship training will be 28th December 2020.

 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Students

Please note that the 2nd Semester End Examinations of 1st, 2nd and 3rd years have been postponed and they will be held with short notice when circumstance permit. The first semester of the upcoming academic year will commence from 14th December 2020 for all 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students. Accordingly, each respective department will inform you of how they wish to proceed with the subjects while the respective time tables will be made available on the LMS in due course. 

 Thank you

 Prof. P. D. Nimal

Dean, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

IMPORTANT- Survey on effectiveness of online teaching and learning

by Administrator (Faculty LMS) -

Dear Students, 
Trust that you all and your families are keeping well and healthy. 
As you are well aware, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic the faculty had to transfer most of its teaching activities onto online platforms. This has been a transformation in both teaching and learning unlike ever before, hence, we now wish to conduct a survey in order to understand its effectiveness, so as to plan our way forward. 

Therefore, we would be grateful if you could kindly spare a few minutes to take up this survey and provide us with your honest feedback on or before 25/11/2020. The input we receive will surely pave way for a greater learning experience at the FMSC in future, therefore we look forward to your fullest support. 

If the above link is not working please copy and paste the following link to your browser's address bar.

Thank you in advance!

Prof. P. D. Nimal


by Administrator (Faculty LMS) -


 This is to inform you of the decisions arrived at the special faculty meeting held on 4th November 2020 regarding the continuation of studies during this period.

 To all 4th Year Undergraduates,

 2nd Semester examinations scheduled to be held from 16th November 2020 onwards has been postponed considering the present situation of the country. However, the mode of evaluation for your subjects of the second semester will be informed by next week.

Kindly note that the deadline for the submission of your research reports, and internship reports is 28th December 2020. Each respective department will soon inform you of the method in which they wish to obtain the soft copies of your reports.

 Also, please be informed that the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce is in the process of taking all necessary measures to ensure that the effective date of your degree programme remains as 2020.

 To all 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Undergraduates,

 Please note that your 2nd Semester examinations scheduled to be held from 16th November 2020 onwards has been postponed considering the present situation of the country. Examinations will commence at the earliest opportunity as soon as circumstances permit.

 Kindly note that your new Academic Year will commence from 30th November 2020 onwards. The most effective mode of conducting all respective lectures will be decided after analysing the experience of both the lecturers and students during the last semester and will be informed to you in due course.

 Also, note that the department selection of the current first year undergraduates will be informed prior to 30th November 2020.

We also would like to appreciate the cooperation extended by students during this difficult period. Please make sure to follow the guidelines issued by health authorities at all times as your health is of utmost importance. Stay safe.

 Dean, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

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