Well wishes for new semester! - Semester II (August 2023)

Well wishes for new semester! - Semester II (August 2023)

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Well wishes for new semester!

Dear students of the FMSC,

With great anticipation, we welcome you back for the upcoming semester, commencing on the 7th August 2023. We wish you a prosperous and fulfilling academic journey ahead, and may you find success in all your endeavors!

Also, the timetables for the new semester are now available for your access. 

Additionally, a new digital attendance monitoring system will be implemented, starting from this semester. As a pilot test, this system will be tested in several selected classrooms. We expect your support and cooperation during this trial phase. 

We value your feedback in maximizing your learning experience. To that end, we have placed a "Suggestions and Complaints Box" located near SBGF 01 and SBGF 03 lecture halls for you to share your issues and suggestions. You can also reach us through email at deanfmsc@sjp.ac.lk.

Thank you!


Dean and Staff - FMSC