This course is designed to make students competent in oral, written and non-verbal communication in a variety of social and workplace situations. This course will help students to speak, write, and listen with increased confidence and competence in social and professional contexts, enhance leadership skills, provide career opportunities, develop personal presence and greater self-trust, and help learn in a supportive environment.

This course will be offered in the first semester of each academic year.

For Whom : Second Year Students / Third Year Students and Final Year Students are allowed to follow the course.

Revised Time Table



·        The time table is revised as given below.



Day and Time

Lecture Hall



Mon 1-3


Ms.Vishwara Perera

Thu 10-12



Tue 3-5


Ms. Michelle Lowe

Thu 10-12



Mon 5-7


Ms.Vishwara Perera

Tue 5-7



·        Students who wish to take the course need to select one group and attend lectures in the same group throughout the semester.

·        Students will not be allowed to change the group within the course of the semester.

·        Attendance is compulsory to sit the continuous assessments (CA) and the final examination

·        The schedule of the workshops will be notified later.


Please note:


v Students will not be allowed, under any circumstance, to take any test/examination without attending the required number of sessions.


v The certificate will be issued to the students who complete the course with the required attendance percentage, taking all the CAs and the final examination.



Certificate Course in Professional Communication


Interrelated skills of academic writing and reasoning are vital ingredients for success in higher education; and when asked which skills students most often lacked, the lecturers identified writing as the key issue that hinders students from producing well-structured and well-written documents. Hence, this course is designed to address problems that students encounter with communicating their ideas in an organized and structured manner in an academic context, and more specifically to prepare students to undertake research in the 3rd and final years. This course will help students to develop their academic writing skills, thus facilitating them to maximize their academic and research potential.

For Whom: Second Year, Third Year and Final Year Students